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   Willow Tree Wellness offers yoga, movement training, meditation, and education for those seeking overall health in a safe and supportive community environment.


   We welcome individuals and families of any color or race and from all backgrounds, cultures, traditions and sexual + gender orientations. Willow Tree Wellness works to ensure that its education and services are accessible to anyone who seeks to utilize them. Through offering affordable classes and workshops, we seek to establish a tradition of inclusivity and availability to all who may seek it. We hope, in time, that this organization’s diversity, offerings, and accessibility can further be improved upon.  In addition to making our services accessible, it is our goal to offer culturally sensitive and respectful services to any individual that joins us. We welcome the input and critique of all who participate in our community, and will work to correct areas of unintentional bias or inequality within our teaching and offerings.



Yoga Teacher Victoria Blevins .jpg
Victoria Blevins
Yoga Teacher Lauren Kilbourne.jpg
Lauren Kilbourne
Willard Robertson
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Mallory M. Jessee
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Megan Hamilton
Yoga Teacher Alison Bundy
Alison Bundy
Kim Dove

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Willow Tree Wellness
Specialty Yoga, Speech Therapy, Orofacial Myology, a Space to Share

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