Victoria Blevins

Yoga for me is the opportunity to study and discover the body, the person, and the soul. A beautiful and exploratory way to get to know and love “me.”  I love the asana of yoga, the routine, the spirituality, the community and connection.  I love all of the intricacies that make the practice essential for honoring myself and others. Over the past 20 years, I have studied with many wonderful yogis and have had the privilege to practice with amazing individuals.  My connection with, and facilitation of, yoga classes stem from my fascination with the human body and how it moves and interacts with the world.  While I tend to teach from an alignment-based background my practices encourage intuitive movements and flows that incorporate themes and promote introspection.


Yoga Resume:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance 200hr - Integrative Yoga Therapies, One Yoga Studio, Foster, RI - June 2008

  • Integrated Movement Therapy – Samarya Center, Seattle, WA– June 2009

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher - 35 hr- Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, NC - May 2015

  • Registered Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance 500 hr - Vira Bhava Yoga, Abingdon VA, Jan 2019

  • Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance (PYC - 85 hour) - 2020, The Prenatal Yoga Center, NYC.

Willard Robertson

Discovering and practicing yoga is, for me, the culmination of a lifelong curiosity into who I am and what I am here for. Exploring these questions and living in the answers has been the heart of my existence.  My education brought me to study philosophy, theology, ethics, and poetry.  My vocational choices have nearly always been in working with children, foster care, the mental health system, and with people in crisis. I teach yoga because it has given me the capacity to live my life with an ever present possibility of finding joy and meaning, even in the worst of times.  I believe most of us need this.  I love being a father, husband, son, and friend.  It is in these most basic roles my yoga practice feels most vibrant.


Yoga Resume:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance 200hr - Vira Bhava Yoga School, Abingdon, VA October 2018

  • Founder/Administrator of Willow Tree Wellness of Virginia.

Megan Hamilton

Yoga for me is, and has been, a personal journey of healing and becoming more fully myself.  Mindfulness, meditation, and the physical practice of yoga are passions that I am excited to share and assist in guiding others towards.  The practices are a gateway to understanding ourselves and realizing that we are able to move towards healing through finding stillness, breath, connection, and voice.  My personal-training background and dedicated physical practice over the last eleven years lends itself to a more alignment-based teaching style.  However, my journey of personal healing enriches my teaching of energetics, self-exploration, and heart-focused connection.


I am currently pursuing a 500 hour yoga certification with an emphasis on Yoga and Trauma/mental health.  My varied background in the arts, education, and non-profit work inform my teaching style and I am so excited to be offering meditation and vinyasa classes at Willow Tree Wellness.


Yoga Resume:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance - 200hr - Vira Bhava Yoga, Abingdon, VA 

  • Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance - 500hr - Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, NC - anticipated graduation date of 2021- Focus on Trauma/Mental Health

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Personal Trainer Certification 2009 - Boston, MA

Lauren Kilbourne

Yoga for me is a lifelong journey inward and homeward. Yoga provides an opportunity to explore and connect to the divine that resides in all of us, peeling back the layers of  "stuff" from our everyday lives that causes us to forget our true nature. In reconnecting with this inner truth, we can build stronger and more empathetic relationships with ourselves and others. Yoga has been a practice of celebrating my body's abilities and sitting in the joy of the present moment with the breath. My goal as a yoga teacher is to offer a practice that leaves my students feeling empowered, capable and at home in their bodies. 

Yoga Resume: 

  • Registered Yoga Teacher- Yoga Alliance- 200hr- Vira Bhava Yoga, Abingdon, VA- Oct. 2017

  • Pre/Post Natal Yoga Training - 15 hr- Bristol Yoga, Bristol, VA- Anticipated completion July 2020

Mallory M. Jessee

Yoga for me is medicine. And the thing about Yoga that amazes me the most is that you don’t even need to understand how it works to feel results physically and emotionally. As a mental health professional, I continue to be fascinated by the beautiful synchronicity of Yoga's healing power for the body, mind, and spirit. My classes are intentionally introspective, and my goal is always to leave students feeling a little more in tune with both their physical and emotional bodies.

Yoga for me is a homecoming, a remembering. I believe that with every practice, with every mindful moment or meditation, we come closer to our natural, radiant, whole, state of being. Yoga asks us to truly embrace the present -- the messy, sometimes painful, but always beautiful experience of being alive.


Yoga Resume:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance 200hr - April 2017 - Inner Sea/Bristol Yoga

  • Owner - Heart Space Wellness Services, LLC 

Currently Enrolled 500hr - Asheville Yoga Center

Alison Bundy

Yoga for me is a commitment to BE and to let BE. Each day I try to quiet the mind so that I hear
my body. I believe when the body and mind are ONE- the spirit is free. This freedom of spirit
allows our light to shine and ultimately see the light in ALL we travel with. A daily journey
indeed! Over the years, my practice has evolved from an Ashtanga based flow to the loving
stillness of Yin Yoga. Yet still, I am mystified by the life force, our shared Prana. I love to blend
the lyrics of my favorite songs with the flow. My class is alignment based and tends to be
eclectic with a focus on awakening the senses. I am so excited to be practicing with Willow
Tree Wellness. See you at the studio! I leave you for now with my favorite quote: “ When the
power of Love overcomes the love of power, The World will know Peace.”


Yoga Resume:

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider- June 2020

  • Registered Yoga Teacher – YA 500 hr - Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, NC - May 2018

  • Registered Yoga Teacher - YA 200hr - May 2006; E-RYT 2016

  • Yoga Teacher- AHS Athletic Department 2018

  • Coomes Recreation Center 2005 - present Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Prana work

Kim Dove

Yoga serves me as a special gift while allowing me to serve others in ways I never imagined!  As an athlete and personal trainer, I began to practice yoga over 20 years ago to maintain flexibility and add another physical aspect to my own workouts.  Soon, I discovered that although the physical benefits were significant, the psychological and emotional benefits were far more profound.  I found calm within the daily chaos, a deeper connection with my faith and a greater sense of gratitude.   Lifelong health conditions improved.  Yoga became a passion that I wanted to share with others to encourage self-discovery, empowerment, optimism and resilience.  

My deepest desire is to draw each student into a practice of self-compassion and acceptance.  Therefore, I teach and offer yoga experiences as a gateway into healing, hope and wholeness.   Yoga is powerful medicine that allows mind, body and emotions to speak to us. It teaches us to listen to what our health conditions are trying to tell us and reframe our approach to wellness.  This wisdom on and off the yoga mat is priceless for all who practice yoga, regardless of ability, age, and life experiences.  

Yoga resume:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher-Yoga Alliance- 200hr; Vira Bhava Yoga, Abingdon, VA, October, 2018

  • NETA:  Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Practices.  Certification, 2020

  • AAAI/ISMA:  Restorative Yoga for Emotional and Physical Symptoms.  Certification, 2020

  • Every Kid’s Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs, 95 hour certification.  2013.

  • AAAI/ISMA: Master Trainer. Life and Wellness Coach.  2009-Present.

  • Founder/Owner, Bella Vita, LLC: Life Coaching. Therapeutic Yoga. Personal Training. 2014 –present.

  • Private Group/Individual Yoga Instruction for physical and emotional health conditions.  2010-present.  

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